A blog for Score magazine the big tit magazine which aims to catalog all the back issues of Score magazine from 1992 to the present day.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Score magazine database

I run the adult magazine site which has over 30,000 magazines listed for sale, so it will come as no surprise that this blog will be all about mens magazines.

More specifically, this site will concentrate on one title only and that is Score magazine which is published by Quad publications in Florida, USA.

The reason for this breakaway is that the main site Jobbydealer will take so long to complete due to its size that I'm going to form breakaway sites that specialise in just one title or one format of magazine.

The first site I've chosen to experiment with is Score mainly due to the fact that it is easy to put into a catagory - Big Tits, and it's a good selling magazine.

Another advantage with Score magazine from a cataloguing point of view is that it is a relatively new magazine, only being first published in 1992 so it should not take to long to get the the foundation of the site together.

You can watch the back issue score magazines site being built by following the link.

These smaller more specialised adult magazine sites will contain much more information than the main men's magazine site ( by way of example they will contain information on each photoshoot which will make it easier for sex magazine collectors to update there collections.

If you can think of anything that the site is lacking then send an email and I'll see if I can build it in.